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Interview with Elena Forafontova

Elena Forafontova, a Moscow based rally organizer, commented on the bill that would make fines for violation of traffic rules higher in Russia.

Russia Today: Do you think the new fines are justified? Will they make people drive more carefully?

E.F.: My opinion is maybe not exactly  the same as those people who discuss it on your website. First of all, drivers should be more responsible for themselves and for other people on the road. Police cannot help the driver in a concrete extreme situation, and responsible drivers do not create extreme situations. There are at least three types of drivers. First of all, there are careful drives, who do not create extreme situations. The second part are so-called VIPs, who consider themselves above the rules. And the third category are hooligans, criminals, who want this illegal extreme on the road. These three types of drivers will feel different about the new rules.

RT: You are organizing motor rallies, but what do you think about the illegal street racing? Will those racers be stopped by the new fines?

E.F.: Absolutely not. There are two kinds of people in those competitions. The first kind just need this illegal extreme, as I said, and they will pay for it as much as it costs. And the second simply do not know where and how to get the excitement of automotive sports competitions. There are legal competitions in Russia. There is the Championship and the Cup of Russia for rally. Also there are off-stage competitions.