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Human Rights Watch: Georgian police went too far

The Georgian government went too far when police dispersed a peaceful demonstration in Tbilisi on November 7. That's according to a report by the independent international organisation Human Rights Watch.

It says that the Georgian Government used excessive force, and that the non-legitimate means of policing have done serious damage to Georgia’s reputation.

The raid and the closure of the independent TV-station Imedi is outlined as a clear violation of freedom of expression.

The re-opening of Imedi in December is pointed as a welcome step, but it's also said that the government must investigate and prosecute the crimes committed by law enforcement officers.

Announcing the reserch results, the Human Rights Watch director in Asia and Central Europe said that it was high time the World Community confronted Georgia on its shaky human rights record.

Opposition rally in Tbilisi

Young opposition activists have held a rally against former head of state and current presidential candidate Mikhail Saakashvili.

Young activists' opposition rally
Young activists' opposition rally

The protesters gathered near Saakashvili's campaign headquarters in the capital. The action was called ‘The terror of five’ named after Saakashvili's number in the candidate list.

The demonstrators said they have been protesting against terror and violence being used against the United Opposition, and urged people not to vote for the former Georgian leader.

Mikhail Saakashvili stepped down last month following violent clashes between the opposition and the police.

He called an early presidential election, which is due to take place on January 5.