Saucy summit: Georgian NATO delegation in wild orgy scandal – media

Georgia's parliamentary opposition is demanding an investigation into allegations of a racy scandal involving the country’s delegation to the recent NATO summit in Lisbon.

”This fact, cited in the western mass media, requires an investigation as it concerns the reputation of all Georgia,” said Georgian parliament vice speaker Levan Vepkhvadze.

According to Portuguese "Correio da mahna" newspaper, the Georgians hired 80 prostitutes to attend a huge party at a posh hotel in Lisbon.

According to the newspaper, French president Nikolas Sarkozy, who was staying in the same hotel, was outraged by the noise so the party had to stop.

Georgian media are citing a source in Moscow as saying that the publication in “Correio da mahna” was paid for by Russia. However, they do not dispute the fact that the controversial party indeed took place.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry has yet to comment on this scandal.