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26 Jun, 2009 04:19

Fired girls get 33 sacks of coins from ex-boss

After fighting to get their former boss to compensate them for their dismissal, two girls from the far eastern Russian city of Vladivostok finally got 33 sacks of money – but were not happy with the money they got.

Anfisa and Anzhelika were working as office managers at a ceiling company until one day they were suddenly fired, Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reports, allegedly because of the economic crisis.

But when the girls asked that they be paid for unused vacation time, in accordance with the Russian labor code, the director of the company told them they wouldn’t get a cent.

Anfisa and Anzhelika filed a complaint with the labor inspectorate. Eventually their former boss got a call from a prosecutor’s office, after which he promised to bring the money to the inspectorate personally.

And so he did – in sacks filled with coins. There were 33 heavy sacks of coins weighing 20 kilos all together.

The girls had to ask their friends to help them carry the sacks to a bank in order to change the coins into paper money.

As for the director, he commented: “They wanted it – and they got it!”

He was in a good mood while recounting the story, adding that the reason he dismissed them was because they were using the Internet for personal use while on duty.

He declared that he is going to sue Anfisa and Anzhelika and make them pay a sum of money two times bigger than the compensation he gave them.

The girls bravely say they are not afraid and if proven guilty will pay the fine.