Allergy no more: Finnish scientists discover magic vaccine

Allergy no more: Finnish scientists discover magic vaccine
A group of scientists from Finland claims to be close to a vaccine which can prevent any kind of allergy, and change the lives of millions all over the world.

Professor Juhu Rouvinen and his colleagues from the University of Eastern Finland say they discovered immunoglobulin binding structures in allergens, which means the affliction can be prevented.

This is a new way to treat allergies. Most of the modern allergy treatments work by suppressing symptoms caused by the emission of histamine. The symptoms include hay fever, watery eyes, scratchy throat, runny nose etc.

“We believe that curing allergies is about changing or modifying the genetic structure of the allergen molecules inside of your body, so we want to eliminate the cause of the allergy, instead of removing symptoms,” Professor Rouvinen told Forbes magazine.

After allergens are modified in the patient`s body, he will hypothetically develop a natural immunity against each type of allergy they have been vaccinated for.

The team will create a new bio-tech company to conduct further research and experiments saying they hope to put the vaccine on the market within five to seven years.

Different types of allergies affect millions all over the world, 65 million in the US alone leading some to dub it the disease of the 21st century.