Duma calls on Europe to investigate "praising of fascism" in Estonia

The Russian State Duma has called on European colleagues to investigate what it calls a glorification of fascism in Estonia. after the Estonian Parliament passed the bill calling for the removal of Soviet monuments and the reburial of Soviet soldiers.

It came after the Estonian parliament passed a bill requiring the removal ofm Sovet monuments and the reburial of Soviet soldiers.

The Russian legislators also plan to appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the government “to prevent insult to the memory of those who died in the fight against nazism”.

The Duma has expressed deep indignation about the Estonian parliament's approval of a bill on removing World War II monuments – which would include the “Liberator”, a memorial to Soviet soldiers located in the centre of the Baltic country's capital, Tallinn.

Russian legislators say Estonian authorities are also ignoring cases of vandalisation at war monuments.