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Dog guards forgotten baby overnight

Dog guards forgotten baby overnight
A dog has guarded a three-month-old baby forgotten in the park for a whole night in the Russian city of Saratov. The baby had been left by a reckless mother, and was later found with the loyal dog sitting by the pram.

­The baby’s mother, 22-year-old Olga, says she went for a walk in the park with little Vadim and their Rottweiler Lada, when she met her friends. The girls decided to have a couple of drinks, and after several beers Olga, quite drunk already, went home, Saratov news agency reports.

It just happened so that night,” Olga later confessed, as quoted by Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

Only in the morning did the woman realize she had brought home neither the baby nor the dog.

Fearing the worst, Olga called her parents.

She was in panic,” says Olga’s mother. “She was screaming that her son had been stolen”.

When Olga’s parents arrived at her place they started calling all of her friends, they told the newspaper afterwards. Later, Olga’s father went out to check the nearby park and discovered the pram with little Vadim and the infallible dog next to it.

The baby was found wet, hungry and in tears, but what’s more important, safe and sound,” say Olga’s neighbors. “The weather was quite warm, so the baby even managed not to catch cold. Thank God, the dog had been guarding the whole night and had been keeping away all strangers”.

It is still being decided whether the irresponsible mother is to be punished in any way. At the moment, Olga’s mother is taking care of her grandson.