Danish fighter jets v. Russian bombers: 18-minute chase

Two Danish fighter jets have intercepted Russian long-range bombers flying 120 kilometres away from the border of Denmark. Two F-16 jets shadowed the large TU-160 bombers for around 18 minutes.

Danish planes were later relieved by jets from Britain's Royal Air force.

It's the second time this month Russian long-range bombers have reportedly approached Danish airspace.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Russia's Airforce, Aleksandr Drobryshevsky, says the flights don't break any international rules or threaten any borders. He said the flights were routine training manoeuvres.

“This wasn't the first flight for airplanes TU-160, TU-95 and TU-22. These flights are held regularly. The pilots are raising their level of training. Long-range aviation is flying and will continue to fly,” he said.