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Suicide belts, bombs, IEDs: Russia’s security forces eliminate terrorist workshop in Dagestan

Russian security services have discovered an alleged militants’ workshop where a large cache of suicide belts and IEDs were found. Explosives have been blown up, causing the building to collapse.

The cache of equipment was seized from a building which law enforcement agencies believe was used by militants as a workshop and headquarters for future a series of terrorist attacks in Russia “that could lead to numerous victims.”

According to the country’s National Counter-Terrorism Committee, they seized the cache of three improvised explosive devices, 10 partially assembled suicide bomber belts and three discharge vests.  

“In the premises extremist literature and wigs, which could be used to change appearance and to conceal movement to commit terrorist attacks were also found,”
the Committee said in a statement.

Security forces continue to investigate who the house belonged to and who lived there.

The cache was seized in the village one day after a fire-fight with a group of militants in Dagestan. The two gunmen, who were killed in the clashes, were transporting two powerful bombs with a combined yield of 100 kilograms of TNT, as well as a smaller bomb and a number of firearms in their car.

Dagestan, together with the neighboring republics of Chechnya and Ingushetia, has faced terrorist attacks and potential terrorist threats since the 1990s. This year alone has seen several deadly bombings in Dagestan.

Anti-terror missions were stepped up this week after a female suicide bomber in Volgograd blew up a bus, killing six people with a device consisting of 500-600 grams of TNT.

Still from a video released by Russia's National Counter-Terrorism Committee after operation in Dagestan, October 26 2013