Dachshund Boniface takes a plunge

A dachshund named Boniface, from Russia’s Far East, has become the first canine professional diver.

Boniface’s owner, Sergey Gorbunov, is a diver himself. He said Boniface was always very nervous when watching his owner plunging. That is why Sergey had the idea of submerging the pet in his favorite pastime.

Boniface has a custom made striped wetsuit, resembling the outfit of a famous cartoon character, the lion of the same name. The only difference in Boniface’s outfit is that his mask has a special inlet for the supply of sausage.

Having taken a special course in the swimming pool, the scuba dog has taken his first professional dive at the depth of 2 meters. However, his owner is sure Boniface is in for even greater professional achievements.