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3 Jul, 2009 19:46

“Flying squad” of crows attacks people

“Flying squad” of crows attacks people

Murderous crows have been terrorizing the staff and visitors of a hospital in Russia’s St. Petersburg. The flock of aggressive birds swoop down and attack people arriving or leaving the building.

The crows consider the hospital’s yard their territory and all intruders a threat to their new offspring, as life.ru website reports.

“We are desperate!” says Fyodor Baranovsky, the hospital chief executive. “When crows settled in our area, pigeons, stray cats and dogs disappeared. Our nurses are afraid of going out to throw away garbage after one of them came under attack.”

Garbage bins in the yard are actually the reasons why the birds chose the place. Ornithologists say it is useless to kill crows in the city –as they would be replaced by a new population. But what can be done, is to take better care of street bins.

Specialists say the terror is going to end soon; by mid-July small birds normally leave their nests and their parents become less aggressive.

Reports about crows attacking people in St. Petersburg appear regularly. At the end of June a crow pounced at a child in a kindergarten. Saving him from the beak of the bird, the caregiver received several injuries herself.

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