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11 Jan, 2010 15:30

Communists demand ban of Avatar

Communists demand ban of Avatar

The Communists of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region have demanded a ban of James Cameron’s movies in Russia based on a somewhat unorthodox interpretation of recent blockbuster “Avatar”.

In the recently issued statement they claim that the sci-fi blockbuster is trying to justify the Nobel Prize award given to Barack Obama, but fails in its task as no one would believe that a US marine in the film (who the Communists describe as a “murderer and oppressor of Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Haiti and Somalia”) can stand for good.

It should be noted that the production of Avatar began four years ago when Obama wasn’t even in office.

“It is quite funny to watch how the activists of the national liberation movement of Pandora accept a Pentagon-made mutant instead of judging him by the laws of the revolutionary time,” the communists noted.

According to the plot of Cameron’s blockbuster, handicapped marine Jack Sully (played by actor Sam Worthington) arrives on the remote moon of Pandora, where humans are mining valuable minerals despite the resistance of the local population of Na’vi. Sully arives there to take part in the Avatar program, aimed at spying on the aboriginals using genetically-engineered human-Na’vi bodies.

However, he ends up switching sides having seen that the locals are far from savages.

The authors of the statement were inspired by the recent interview of Russian sci-fi classic Boris Strugatsky, in which he reminded the public that the jungle covered planet called Pandora has already appeared in his novel “Noon: 22nd Century”, which was released in the mid 1960s.

“Being ready to give all he has on the order of the White House, Cameron secretly penetrated the mysterious and romantic world of Soviet science fiction and transferred the action of his senseless propaganda film into the world of Pandora created by the Strugatsky brothers… This planet was discovered and drenched with the blood of Soviet cosmonauts, but Cameron is, of course, silent about it.”

The action of Avatar takes place in 2154, and the imaginative communists of St. Petersburg have come up with some conclusions of the way international relations developed in the universe created by Cameron till that period.

“The carefully concealed nature of an aggressor, traitor and maniac quickly discerned itself in Cameron's film – according to the plot, Venezuela has already been invaded, Chavez is killed, and the hordes of G.I. break out into the Solar System, burning everything in their path. Conditionally separating the film’s heroes from the bad ones – Republicans (the head of the human’s colony and the marines), and good ones – Democrats, led by Jake Sully and fanatical botany professor (Sigourney Weaver), Cameron comes to the absurd – taking the side on of an extraterrestrial civilization in conflict with humanity.”

At the end of the statement is the demand “to ban the presentation of all Cameron’s films in Russia until he recognizes the plagiarism and robbing of Soviet science fiction in order to create his low-grade blockbuster.”

The communists’ assault will likely not do anything to dampen Avatar’s ongoing commercial success. According to box office data on January 7, it has already earned $64.2 million in cinemas around the country.

The Communists of St Pete and Leningrad Region are known for their strange statements on all important Russian and international events. The Communist party of Russian Federation does every thing to distant itself from this organization.