Britain's MI6 tried to recruit me as a spy: Russian citizen

A Russian man has told the FSB that the UK intelligence services tried to recruit him as a spy. The man, who has not been named, says he has the names of agents, dates and locations to verify his story.

The information is currently being checked by the Federal Security Service.

“He gave the names of the officers, named the European countries, cities and hotels where MI-6 officers made appointments with him as well as described the assignments he received. The man explained he decided to turn himself in to the Federal Security Service out of fear for his life. He said he decided to do that after Andrey Lugovoy's press conference. He said MI-6 officers contacted him again after the press conference and insisted on an urgent meeting in a European city. Besides, he was alarmed by the fact that he received a number of calls from Boris Berezovsky, who suggested they meet in Israel and also insisted on his immediate meeting with MI-6 officers,” Sergey Ignatchenko from the FSB Press Service commented.