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30 Sep, 2010 13:54

Police dislike “future bread” taste

A creative way to extend the shelf life of their products has been invented by a large bakery in the town of Yakhroma in the Moscow Region.

A police check has revealed that the back-alley bakers stamped the production date on their bread in advance.

A large lot of loaves from the future were prepped to be delivered to shops, schools and kindergartens of the Russian capital, Vesti-Moskva reports.

The trick was simple; even though the product was already one or two days old, it would hit the shelves stamped with the date of arrival on their package and looked fresh.

The bakery, of course, didn’t want to answer for the quality of their products, so they used counterfeit labels belonging to another bread big bread maker.

These weren’t the only violations found by the police at “Yakhroma City Bakery”. The inspector also suspected that the bread was made in unsanitary conditions there as none of the employees were spotted wearing gloves.

A consumer fraud investigation has been launched against the company, with all the materials to be sent to the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare.

The checks in the bakery were also aimed at revealing whether the same procedure was being used while stamping pastries and cream buns. The company may face criminal proceedings as such future cakes possess a real threat to the wellbeing of consumers.

The thing that amazed the police the most is that the criminal activities were performed not by a small underground bakery, but a large bread plant which used to have a good reputation.

According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, the situation with the quality of bread Muscovites eat is far from perfect. Loaves are baked from low-grade flour, the quality of which isn’t controlled by anybody, and is stuffed with preservatives.