Arab League attempts to mediate for peace in Middle East

A delegation of the Arab League led by Secretary General Amr Moussa is in Lebanon in an attempt to help overcome the country's political crisis. Amr Moussa met with Prime Minister Fuad Siniora on Tuesday night.

“There are more difficulties, additional crisis and I am coming to deal with that, trying to help Lebanon. The situation in the region is so serious, the situation in Lebanon is equally serious and that's why we are here, this is the role of the League of Arab states,” Amr Moussa stated.

In the course of his three-day visit he is due to hold talks with numerous politicians in an effort to mediate between the rival factions.

Meanwhile, fighting rages on at Nahr el-Bared in northern Lebanon as the army tries to wrest control of the refugee camp from the Islamic militant group Fatah-al Islam. Nahr el-Bared is the hot spot of a power struggle between the western-backed government and the Hezbollah-led opposition.