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27 Jul, 2023 14:04

Dark money funding reverse-engineering of alien craft in US – whistleblower

Under oath, David Grusch has repeated many of his previous claims about alien technology research
Dark money funding reverse-engineering of alien craft in US – whistleblower

The US government is in possession of debris from non-human craft as well as “biologicals,” potentially from the pilots of the alien craft, according to the testimony of a former intelligence analyst who has turned whistleblower.

Research into the technology is paid-for through the misappropriation of public funds, David Grusch told the House oversight subcommittee for national security on Wednesday. People reporting such claims also face reprisals and personal harm, he added.

Grusch is a veteran intelligence officer who served in the US Air Force and later became a civilian employee at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. During questioning he repeated under oath some of the explosive claims he had previously made publicly, including to media outlets NewsNation and The Debrief. The hearing focused on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), which was Grusch’s line of work at the agency.

He confirmed that according to his knowledge, the US government had collected debris from crash sites of “non-human” craft over the course of decades. He was denied access to the relevant data, which led him to formally complain to the intelligence community Inspector General.

“I know the exact locations,” Grusch said during the hearing, when asked about where the technology was kept.

On several occasions, the witness told the committee he could not answer their questions in a public hearing. The committee was also denied the use of a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF), through which top-secret information could be divulged.

Grusch confirmed that, to avoid congressional scrutiny, private companies were involved in the research. The defense contractors allegedly overcharge the Pentagon for their products and then use the excess funds for the state’s clandestine programs.

He testified that he and others face reprisals for speaking out and referred to “administrative terror,” meaning negative career consequences for any whistleblowers. There is also a risk of more direct personal harm, he claimed.

“It was very brutal, and very unfortunate – some of the tactics they used to hurt me both professionally and personally,” Grusch recalled of his own experience.

He said he had concerns for his life over the disclosures, but declined to say whether he could substantiate claims of murder, adding that he had “directed people with that knowledge to the appropriate authorities.”

Grusch was called to the House alongside two former pilots, who had encounters with UAPs. They said what they witnessed appeared far more advanced than any current human technology.