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18 Mar, 2022 17:39

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson trolls US with ‘international community’ meme

Diplomat pulls the curtain up on West’s solipsism
Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson trolls US with ‘international community’ meme

Chinese deputy foreign minister Zhao Lijian has exposed what the US and its allies really mean when they refer to the “international community,” trolling Washington with devastating accuracy in a tweet on Friday. 

Zhao has a history of skewering the US and its allies on social media, whether by memes or infographics, on topics Washington usually tries to avoid.

Recent targets include Washington’s Ukrainian bio-lab program, which fact-checkers and various “experts” insisted were figments of conspiracy theorists’ imagination. Notably, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland has testified that the biolabs did, in fact, exist.

The Chinese official has repeatedly called for peace in Ukraine, pleading with NATO and the US to stop arming Kiev and promote peace through diplomacy instead. 

He has not limited his barbs to social media, either. Speaking to journalists during a press conference on Thursday, Zhao defended China’s position regarding the conflict in Ukraine as “above board, objective, fair and beyond reproach,” arguing that “it is the countries that think they can lord over the world after winning the Cold War that should feel uncomfortable.

I heard that even the trees, cats, and dogs in Russia are subject to sanctions,” Zhao said in apparent disbelief.

Beijing has declined to take sides in the war between Russia and Ukraine, even as Washington threatens it with sanctions for refusing to back the American war effort.