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25 Dec, 2021 01:42

Intentionally contracting Covid ‘may land you in jail for 5 years’ – Swiss media

Intentionally contracting Covid ‘may land you in jail for 5 years’ – Swiss media

Contracting Covid-19 on purpose to gain natural immunity is a potentially criminal offense that could lead to a lengthy prison term, Switzerland’s Federal Office of Public Health said in response to the rise of infection parties.

Following the news that some vaccine skeptics have been organizing Covid-19 parties in order to gain a vaccine passport-like certificate for the naturally infected and recovered, the FOPH warned that intentionally spreading the virus could result in up to five years in jail, according to public broadcaster Radio Télévision Suisse.

While the report cited no specific laws, the reason for the strict ban is said to be that by purposefully catching Covid-19, people increase the risk of spreading the virus further to others, potentially raising the number of hospitalizations and deaths.

Neuchâtel canton doctor Claude-François Robert “strongly advised against self-infection” in an interview on Wednesday, claiming that “nothing can be controlled with natural infection,” and that there was “10 times more risk of myocarditis by natural infection than by the vaccine.” The vaccine is a “safe product,” he assured skeptics.

Switzerland declared last week that only vaccinated people and those who had recently recovered from Covid-19 would be able to visit restaurants, bars, and other indoor facilities from December 20.

The government claimed that the restrictions were “intended to reduce the risk of unimmunised people from becoming infected as they are also more likely to pass on the virus and become seriously ill.”

However, the move appears to have backfired, reportedly leading to a rise in infection parties so the unvaccinated are able to participate in normal life. According to The Local, vaccine skeptics in need of a recent infection certificate have been organizing on social media platforms “looking for contaminated people who can transmit the virus to them.”