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8 Nov, 2021 11:10

Iran’s young soldiers show off indigenous hardware in ‘battle-like’ drills (VIDEOS)

Iran’s young soldiers show off indigenous hardware in ‘battle-like’ drills (VIDEOS)

Tehran has hailed the capabilities of its domestically developed and made defense hardware as the Iranian army undertakes its latest military exercise, familiarizing its younger personnel with battle-like conditions.

On Sunday, Iran’s armed forces kicked off their latest exercise, ‘Zolfaghar 1400’, under the command of the army’s Zolfaghar base. Alireza Sabahi Fard, the commander of Iran’s Army Air Defense Force, said the drills used only domestically manufactured systems, including reconnaissance equipment, radar systems, and electronic warfare kits. 

Videos published online show the breadth of the exercise, including the use of unmanned suicide drones, rotary assets, surface-to-surface missiles, and the undertaking of parachute operations. 

Speaking on Monday, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani said the exercise was a good opportunity to familiarize younger members of the armed forces with battle-like conditions. Irani contended that transferring technical know-how to young individuals was the main aim of the military exercise. 

He said Iran’s forces truly had the upper hand against aggressors and could defend the country. 

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It is understood that the operations are taking place in the Makran, a semi-desert coastal region on the shore of the Gulf of Oman.

Last week, Iran claimed it had successfully stopped the US from hijacking an oil tanker in the gulf, although the US had supposedly drained it of its oil. The US refuted these events and claimed the vessel was hijacked by Iran. 

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