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30 Jul, 2021 00:53

Snapchat down, with 100,000+ outages reported and frantic users scrambling to reboot app

Snapchat down, with 100,000+ outages reported and frantic users scrambling to reboot app

Widespread outages on Snapchat have sent users into a panic, with more than 100,000 glitches reported in the space of a few hours as distraught netizens flocked to other platforms to vent their frustration.

A flurry of problems were reported on the site on Thursday, with outage tracker Downdetector showing nearly 130,000 complaints at their peak. Snapchat’s support team assured users that it was “aware of an issue preventing some Snapchatters from logging in,” requesting that they “hang tight” as it worked on a solution.

Patience was apparently a big ask for many, however, as hordes of Snapchat users fled to Twitter to gripe about the errors, one sharing a clip of the app repeatedly crashing.“Hurry up, I was arguing with someone,” one urged the site’s support crew.

Seemingly giving up after an eternity of “a couple hours,” other netizens simply declared Snapchat gone for good, one requesting a “moment of silence” for the app.

Thursday’s bugs follow major issues on the app late last month, which caused crashes on Apple devices though apparently spared those of Android users. Snapchat said the problem was fixed less than a day after the glitch arose and asked users to manually update the app.

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