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7 Apr, 2021 14:49

‘They want you in masks forever’: World Economic Forum’s smart ‘mask of the future’ tweet spooks Twitter users

‘They want you in masks forever’: World Economic Forum’s smart ‘mask of the future’ tweet spooks Twitter users

The World Economic Forum is at it again. The globalist titans behind ‘the Great Reset’ are now promoting a “smart face mask” that tracks every breath its wearer takes. The masks received a frosty reception online.

As the Western world inches slowly but surely toward full vaccination against Covid-19, much of the public is likely looking forward to kissing face masks and social distancing goodbye. Not the elites at the World Economic Forum, it seems. The Davos crew posted a tweet on Wednesday promoting “the mask of the future,” a high-tech face covering designed by Chinese-owned health data firm CirQ Technologies.

The mask reminds users when to wash it and checks if they’re wearing it properly. If too much carbon dioxide builds up inside, a phone alert reminds the wearer to catch a few breaths of fresh air. If the user forgets to put the mask on, the same phone app sends them a reminder to mask up. As three quarters of single-use masks end up in landfills or oceans, the WEF also touts the environmental benefits of the reusable face covering.

If you think that the idea of donning an even more intrusive face mask, one that literally tracks every breath you take, sounds as appealing as submitting to a Covid-19 anal swab, you’re not alone.    

Users let rip at the WEF, with some seemingly tired of mask-wearing, while others suggested that the very idea of a ‘mask of the future’ signifies that the organization wants to keep “you in masks forever.”   

Others imagined dystopian scenarios, where mask usage was linked to the wearer’s China-style “social credit score,” and where fresh air was rationed out to the public by devices like the BreathTech mask.

One commenter pointed out that the mask’s CO2 warnings seemingly validate one of the core arguments of the anti-mask crowd: that long-term mask wearing can lead to a presumably dangerous buildup of carbon dioxide. Some scientific studies have borne out this concern, but others have found the health effects to be negligible.   

The World Economic Forum, whose annual meetings in Davos, Switzerland, draw a who’s who of the political and economic elite, has pushed out some incredibly unpopular ideas since the coronavirus pandemic began last year. In addition to its much-maligned ‘Great Reset’ to the world economy, the WEF has promoted global digital IDs and predicted a worldwide carbon tax system and restrictions on meat-eating. The WEF was also pilloried on social media for tweeting in February about how “lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world,” before hastily deleting the post.

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At present, mask-wearing looks like it will be around for the foreseeable future. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) last week relaxed their travel guidelines and stated that vaccinated people can travel safely, but should still wear masks and stay apart. In Europe, masks remain compulsory in many countries, with some, like Germany, warning of further lockdowns and mandatory masks even for the vaccinated.

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