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22 Mar, 2021 12:20

‘Sex act on female MP’s desk’: Leaked graphic imagery shows staffers performing lewd acts in Australian parliament, one now sacked

‘Sex act on female MP’s desk’: Leaked graphic imagery shows staffers performing lewd acts in Australian parliament, one now sacked

The sex scandal rocking Australia’s government has worsened, after a parliament insider leaked to the media graphic imagery of staffers performing sex acts in the building, which they apparently filmed and shared among themselves.

The explosive expose was made by a whistleblower, going by the alias ‘Tom’, to Australia’s 10 News on Sunday. The man provided the channel with what he claims are multiple photos and videos of male senior government staff engaging in sex acts at their workplace.

“Now is the time to speak up, now is the time to put it on the record. It is a culture of men thinking that they can do whatever they want,” Tom told the channel, calling for “the removal of this toxic, powerful, privileged boys club that does what it wants, when it wants, where it wants.”

The published, heavily blurred imagery includes a photo of man exposing his genitals with a copy of the Parliament House rule book seen in the background. Another video shows a man pointing to the desk of a female Liberal MP and then indulging in a solo sex act on top of it.

“The fact that it is a female MP only adds to the disgrace that it is,” Tom stated.

Some of the videos – reportedly proudly filmed and exchanged by the staffers themselves – were said to be too graphic to publish even in a blurred form. The whistleblower said he has received so many explicit pictures from fellow staffers that he ultimately become “immune to it.”

The Parliament House meditation and prayer room is the hot spot for sex in the building, seeing “a lot” of action according to Tom, who confirmed that he used the room for that purpose as well. The whistleblower claimed that both male and female sex workers have been brought into the building on multiple occasions “for the pleasure of coalition MPs.”

I can probably say there is very little meditation or prayer going on in that room.

Tom’s revelations have triggered a meltdown among Australia’s top officials, with many calling to identify and fire the sex-crazed staffers. The rowdy behavior showed an “enormous disrespect” on the part of the staffers towards the whole legislature, Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said shortly after the expose was aired.

I am disgusted and appalled... It shows a complete disregard for all that our parliamentary democracy stands for.

“It equally shows a complete contempt, frankly, for Australian taxpayers who pay the wages of such staff. In my opinion, any individuals who engaged in such activity ought to prepare to pack their bags and leave the building for good,” the minister added.

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The leak has already caused the downfall of one staffer, who was identified and fired after allegedly pleasuring himself on the desk of the aforementioned female MP, multiple Australian outlets reported on Monday.

Later in the day, the sacking of the mischievous staffer was confirmed by PM Scott Morrison, who said the government had “terminated his employment immediately.”

“The reports aired tonight are disgusting and sickening,” Morrison said in a statement. “It’s not good enough, and is totally unacceptable. The people who come to work in this building are better than this.”

Some, however, tried to somewhat downplay the extent of the fresh scandal. A spokesperson for the speaker of the House of Representatives, Tony Smith, and President of the Senate Scott Ryan, said the top officials “were not aware of the incidents or allegations until they aired on Channel Ten.”

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“MPs and Senators employ their own staff,” the statement reads. “If the Presiding Officers are informed of the identities of the staff members, they are of course prepared to take action within the context of their responsibilities.”

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