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EU chief Brexit negotiator Barnier wants to serve France in next role, describes himself as a ‘patriot’

EU chief Brexit negotiator Barnier wants to serve France in next role, describes himself as a ‘patriot’
Europe’s chief Brexit trade negotiator has called himself a French “patriot” and has expressed his desire to enter domestic politics in his own country, having represented the EU for four years in negotiations with the UK.

Speaking on Tuesday to France Info radio, the European Union’s lead Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said he saw his future as serving France. 

I am a patriot and a European. I never stopped being involved in the French political debate. I will see where I can be useful.

The self-labeled “patriot,” who has spent the last four years representing the 27-nation European bloc in trade negotiations with the UK, said: “I want to take part in the collective process of bringing about progress in my country.” 

Barnier spoke of the need to “rebuild” the Republican Party and devote his “energy” towards that cause. 

"I will use the energy that is mine to work for my country. I will try to bring my stone to my political family [The Republicans], which needs to be rebuilt,” he asserted. 

The former French minister of agriculture, now 69, said he still had the same “energy, enthusiasm and indignation” as he did when was elected for the first time in Savoie in 1973. 

“I don't need to be reminded of my age. I also say that there are people who have white hair, who have new ideas. And then very young people, who have old ideas,” he claimed. 

With Brexit negotiations concluded, Barnier now finds himself free to renew his career in French politics.

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