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1 Dec, 2020 06:59

Mysterious monolith surfaces in ROMANIA, days after similar object disappeared from Utah desert

Mysterious monolith surfaces in ROMANIA, days after similar object disappeared from Utah desert

A strange metallic monolith has been spotted in Romania just days after a similar structure was discovered in a remote Utah desert – before being removed by an unknown party.

The cryptic 13-foot (4m) object was found near an ancient fortress and archaeological site in the city of Piatra Neamt. 

Photographs and videos show that the structure has a startling resemblance to a similar monolith that was discovered, but then hauled away by an unidentified group, in Utah last week. However, the Romanian monolith is decorated with a loop-like script that appears to be etched into the object’s metallic veneer. 

Footage of someone tapping on the monolith, resulting in a low din, suggests that the object is hollow.

Romanian authorities are investigating how the monolith got there, the Daily Mail reported. According to one official, the structure was installed in a protected area on an archaeological site and lacked necessary approval from the Ministry of Culture. 

The discovery of the strange structure comes just days after Utah’s Bureau of Land Management reported that a similar monolith had been taken away by an “unknown person or group,” after wildlife officials stumbled upon it last week. The structure, found in a remote part of the Utah desert, was also hollow and metallic. Officials tried to keep its location a secret, but internet sleuths were able to determine its coordinates, leading to a flood of pilgrims coming to the site. The discovery of the object in Utah sparked creative alien-related theories and triggered an avalanche of Stanley Kubrick memes. 

It’s still not clear if there is any connection between the two mysterious structures. Despite some internet rumors, it’s unlikely the Utah monolith was transported all the way to Romania. A photographer on Facebook claims that he witnessed a group of four men toppling the object in Utah, and then hauling away pieces of the structure using wheelbarrows. 

“This is why you don’t leave trash in the desert,” one of the men reportedly said, according to the eyewitness, who provided photographs which appear to corroborate his story.

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