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EU expresses ‘disappointment’ over resignation of Lebanon’s PM-designate, urges ‘unity’ amid political chaos

EU expresses ‘disappointment’ over resignation of Lebanon’s PM-designate, urges ‘unity’ amid political chaos
Brussels has relayed its dissatisfaction with the political gridlock that led to the resignation of Lebanon’s prime minister-designate, Mustapha Adib, stressing that the country must urgently form a new government.

The European Union received the news of Adib’s resignation with “disappointment and concern,” and called on Lebanon’s political leaders to “unite and do their utmost for the timely formation of a government,” Josep Borrell, the EU’s top diplomat, said in a statement released on Monday. 

Lebanon is suffering from “humanitarian, socioeconomic and financial crises” and cannot afford to remain in political limbo, Borrell said, adding that the “swift” creation of a new government was also a critical precondition in order for the country to receive foreign aid. 

Adib stepped down on Saturday after struggling for more than a month to create a non-partisan cabinet. He had been supportive of political reforms proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron, but hit a number of formidable hurdles, including a fierce debate over which party would head the Finance Ministry. 

On Sunday, Macron said he was “ashamed” of Lebanon’s political leaders, and accused them of putting their own interests ahead of their country’s. 

The political and economic problems facing the nation were exacerbated by a horrific explosion that ripped through Beirut on August 4, killing more than 200 people and prompting the entire government to step down.

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