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25 Sep, 2020 14:04

Second suspect detained after knife attack outside former Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, which left 2 journalists injured

Second suspect detained after knife attack outside former Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, which left 2 journalists injured

French law enforcement has apprehended a second suspect in the Paris stabbing attack, the main suspect was arrested earlier. The two victims who were injured during the attack are both journalists.

French authorities shared new details on the stabbing attack that occurred earlier in the day near the former headquarters of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which was the target of the 2015 terrorist attack that left 12 people dead.

The two people injured during Friday's incident turned out to be journalists, France’s Prime Minister Jean Castex said. The two victims went outside of their office for a cigarette break, the Paris prosecutor explained.

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The two suspects – the main attacker and his alleged accomplice – have already been arrested. The investigation is backed by anti-terrorism units, the prosecutor added, given the place and timing of the incident.

"This attack happened in a symbolic place at the time when the trial of the terrible attacks on Charlie Hebdo took place," Castex said.

The attack comes shortly after the launch of the trial of the alleged accomplices to the deadly 2015 attack, which kicked off in early September. The beginning of the trial was also celebrated by the satirical magazine which decided to reprint the Prophet Mohammed cartoons that ultimately prompted the terrorist attack.

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The reprint of the cartoons sparked a new wave of protests in the Muslim world. In Pakistan, for instance, scores of hardline Islamists staged several mass demonstrations, condemning the satirical magazine, the offensive cartoons, and even France as a whole.

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