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8 Jun, 2020 13:19

Paranoid asteroid: FIVE more space rocks headed towards Earth, highlighting need for planetary defense initiatives

Paranoid asteroid: FIVE more space rocks headed towards Earth, highlighting need for planetary defense initiatives

NASA’s planetary defense network is warning of yet another barrage of five asteroids due to enter Earth’s backyard this week, in the latest test of our early-warning systems and preparedness in the face of space-based threats.

The opening salvo will consist of two asteroids, 2013 XA22 and 2020 KZ3, measuring 310 feet and 64 feet, which will pass Earth at a distance of 1.8 million miles and 761,000 miles respectively. 

The average distance between Earth and the Moon is about 239,000 miles, so despite the relatively close call with 2020KZ3, we will be spared any danger. 


The next space rock will arrive on Wednesday, June 10, when the 65-foot asteroid 2020 KY will skim past at a very safe distance of 4.12 million miles. 

It will be followed soon after by another 65-footer at a range of 3.6 million miles, on June 11. Then, later on June 11, a 60-foot asteroid will come even closer, but still at a safe distance of 2.3 million miles. 

All five asteroids this week will come within 4.6 million miles of Earth which, while hardly apocalyptic, is enough to raise a few concerned eyebrows. Four of the five space rocks were only spotted in the middle of last month (May 22, 17, 15 and 13), which would give us hardly any time to brace for impact or potentially deflect the objects if they were in danger of striking Earth. 

It is the second consecutive week in which five asteroids have made flybys of Earth, highlighting the potential threat posed by asteroids to our home planet and the need to invest more in early warning systems and overall planetary defense initiatives.

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