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30 May, 2020 10:19

Online fury as Ilhan Omar’s daughter retweets leftists’ call for supplies over violent Minneapolis riots

Online fury as Ilhan Omar’s daughter retweets leftists’ call for supplies over violent Minneapolis riots

Isra Hirsi, the combative daughter of Ilhan Omar, had to go on the defensive after she threw a spark into the powder keg of Twitter rage by sharing a call to resupply those rioting over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The 17-year-old, who describes herself as a “climate activist” and anti-capitalism warrior, couldn’t stand back during the massive riots in Minneapolis that broke out following the brutal police detention and death of George Floyd, a local African American man.

She has been extensively tweeting her outrage over police brutality and racial prejudice, supplementing her own messages with posts from other users.
One such retweet came from the account of the Twin Cities chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which asked anyone willing to help “comrades protesting at [Minneapolis] 3rd precinct” to donate “much-needed supplies.”

The list mentioned water, disinfectant liquids, first aid kits, and plywood for shields, as well as tennis rackets and hockey sticks, among other items.

Commentators who responded to the Twin Cities post itself were mostly advising on how to treat riot control agents, sometimes invoking the Hong Kong street warfare experience.

In stark contrast, the retweet by Hirsi sparked a furious online row on her page, with rival camps pulling no punches while unloading on their opponents.

Some even argued that she was endorsing “terrorism” and deserved to be arrested, with one going so far as to suggest sending Hirsi and her mother, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, “back to Somalia on a Blackhawk chopper.” Others accused Hirsi of applying “mind numbing” logic to “justify your senseless riots.” 

Those who favored Hirsi sharing the DSA’s call of arms insisted that she was right to do so. “Since when was asking for defensive materials terrorism? Last I checked you right wingers just bring giant killing machines,” one pointed out.

Supporters of the Black Lives Matter cause then asked: “If you suffer injustice after injustice and the authorities don't respond when you complain peacefully, what's the alternative?” 

As the Twitter battle loomed larger, Hirsi went on the defensive, decrying “the fact that me trying to help people is seen as bad.” She tried to play it down, saying: “I didn’t even say I support the actions at the protest. I just CARE.”

Meanwhile in Minneapolis, rioters were seen gathering in the streets and pelting stones at police in defiance of a curfew enforced earlier by the authorities.

Riot squads have been unleashing flash bangs and tear gas on protesters who continued to amass in the area around the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd precinct headquarters on Friday night. Nevertheless, officers had to fall back, failing to scatter the crowd that continued to freely roam the city.

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