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19 May, 2020 14:06

Censored ‘Plandemic’ movie website defaced by hacker claiming controversial doctor is ‘bat s**t crazy’

Censored ‘Plandemic’ movie website defaced by hacker claiming controversial doctor is ‘bat s**t crazy’

The website for the controversial ‘Plandemic’ documentary movie has been hacked by a disgruntled viewer who replaced the landing page with a message claiming its star Dr Judy Mikovits is “bat s**t crazy.”

The documentary, in which virologist Mikovits claims the Covid-19 virus was created in a lab and that wearing masks is dangerous, has been pulled from Facebook and YouTube and widely slated in mainstream media. It has still managed to attract millions of views on other platforms, including BitChute, however — a perhaps unsurprising side-effect of the valiant efforts to censor it.

Its website, WatchPlandemic.com, was hacked and vandalized on Monday. The landing page, which usually directs viewers to places where the documentary can still be viewed, was replaced with a black screen and four bullet points disputing claims made in the documentary.

The message, which is still visible on the page as of Tuesday afternoon GMT, states that “Judy Mikovitz is bat sh*t crazy (sic)” and that protective masks “aren't going to kill you.”

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The hacker also notes that billionaire and long-time vaccine research funder Bill Gates is “not patenting” any of the new Covid-19 drugs, and asks: “What the f**k do you think he would do with >$100 million more anyway?” 

In a final plea directed at would-be converts to Mikovits’ theories, the hacker struck a more understanding tone, writing that the world is “scary” and that although believing the Covid-19 pandemic is part of a global conspiracy might be “more comforting” than the truth, they should not “give into fear.”

‘Plandemic’ producer Mikki Willis told the Gateway Pundit that he was not sure about the identity of the hacker.

Whoever it was, they may feel the need to put their skills into practice again, as Willis told the outlet that part two of the documentary is in the works — and this time, he said, they plan to release it in such a way that censorship won't be possible.

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