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30 Dec, 2019 12:45

Too good to be true? Sharon Stone BLOCKED by dating app after disbelieving users flag her account as fake

Too good to be true? Sharon Stone BLOCKED by dating app after disbelieving users flag her account as fake

If a Hollywood star can’t find a date what hope do the rest of us have? Social media users were haunted by this existential question after Sharon Stone revealed that she had made an account on a dating app – but was blocked.

The actress tweeted out that she had joined Bumble, a popular dating and networking app, but soon after was unfairly “shut out of the hive.” It appears that Bumble users, unable to fathom that a successful movie star would need to use an app to find companionship, had reported her account as fake.

The internet was quickly abuzz with words of support for Stone – as well as anxiety over what her situation meant for non-famous people searching for love.

Her public appeal to have her Bumble account restored also led to a swarm of romantic proposals from male (and female) fans.

To its credit, Bumble responded swiftly to the matchmaking hiccup, restoring her account and wishing her luck with finding “honey.”

It’s possible that the actress hasn’t been the only celebrity erroneously banned from dating services. The US Federal Trade Commission has been cracking down on matchmaking apps for deceiving customers with saucy messages from fake users – prompting an industry-wide crackdown on suspicious accounts.

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