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25 Dec, 2019 14:25

Motherhood is a PENALTY, UN’s gender equality body tweets on CHRISTMAS, gets trashed

Motherhood is a PENALTY, UN’s gender equality body tweets on CHRISTMAS, gets trashed

UN Women is probably seeking the prize for the most tone-deaf tweet of the year. How else can their “motherhood penalty” post on the day many Christians celebrate the most important birthday on the calendar be explained?

The picture posted on Christmas cites things like “limited maternity benefits” and “gender pay gaps” as punishment for “being a mother.” The penalty was issued by one ‘P. Atriarchy’ and has been in force since the “beginning of time.”

Surely, empowering women and fighting for a fairer world where gender roles are no longer determined strictly by biology and are worthy causes. And blunt memes boiling complex matters down to the machinations of male suppressors may have their place, too.

But apparently the message didn’t go over so well with the audience. Comments on the tweets seem mostly negative. Some have countered that creating life is an exclusive and fulfilling experience, and that the family as an institution serves to share both the burdens and joys of parenthood.

The date of the post only added insult to injury, with some commenters saying it was meant as an attack on Christian values. It’s no surprise that some found the idea upsetting that bringing the savior of humanity into the world was somehow a penalty for Mary.

As one poster summed up the reactions…

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