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Indian girls celebrate death of 4 men accused of Hyderabad gang rape, cops feted in the streets (VIDEOS)

Indian girls celebrate death of 4 men accused of Hyderabad gang rape, cops feted in the streets (VIDEOS)
The brutal and tragic case of raped and murdered 26-year-old veterinarian Priyanka Reddy has gripped India and now, for a brief moment at least, women are celebrating the fatal shootings of the four accused men.

All four men accused of the heinous crime were shot dead by police in the early hours of Friday morning having been taken to the scene to reconstruct the events which led to Reddy’s horrific and untimely death. 

One of the accused reportedly grabbed an officer’s firearm and all four men were shot dead by police as they attempted to flee the area. While the nation remains in shock and grief, some have taken a moment to celebrate the police officers’ actions.

Some people cheered, let off firecrackers, and held police officers aloft on their shoulders in thanks for delivering swift, brutal justice to the men who confessed to the kidnapping, rape, murder and desecration of Priyanka Reddy.

Some even offered sweets, flowers, and other small gifts as tokens of gratitude.

The news has lifted the somber mood of the nation, judging by reaction online. “I hope your soul now rest in peace Priyanka Reddy. For all the good you did in this world, justice is served, god’s always watching,” actress Rashmika Mandanna said.

Actor and UN Ambassador Anupam Kher was also among those heaping praise on police.

Many, including the victim’s and perpetrators’ parents had previously called for the accused to be lynched or shot in public. Police now suspect the gang may have been involved in several other cases and their investigations into the men continue after their deaths.

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