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‘Some fan indeed’: Indian official chants Priyanka Chopra’s name, confusing her with politician Priyanka Gandhi at rally (VIDEO)

‘Some fan indeed’: Indian official chants Priyanka Chopra’s name, confusing her with politician Priyanka Gandhi at rally (VIDEO)
An opposition official in India made an embarrassing blunder when he invited the crowd to chant their praise for a famous Bollywood actress instead of a seasoned political figure at a public event.

The clumsy gaffe took place right in the middle of a rally hosted by the Indian National Congress, the nation’s current chief opposition party, in New Delhi on Sunday. A local politician, Surender Kumar, took the microphone and began chanting slogans, praising veteran Congress officials – returning party chief, Sonia Gandhi and former Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi.

All went well until it was Kumar’s turn to pay tribute to Priyanka Gandhi, another member of the famous Gandhi political dynasty. That was when Kumar got carried away and, instead of yelling ‘Priyanka Gandhi zindabad (forever),’ he yelled ‘Priyanka Chopra zindabad!’

The party’s chief in New Delhi, Subhash Chopra, who was standing alongside him, immediately turned his head in confusion and laughed as soon as he heard the Bollywood star’s name being brought up.

A couple of seconds later, Kumar corrected his mistake, but the damage was done and the video went viral, inviting mockery on social media.

The commenters joked about “the prospects” of the actress actually joining the party, and some rushed to “congratulate” her on becoming a Congress member. Twitter users also suggested that Kumar misspoke because he was the actress’ “fan for sure.”

Some have opined that an appropriate follow-up would be to chant ‘Nick Jonas zindabad’ in honor of Chopra’s American-born husband, pop singer and actor Nick Jonas. “Nick Jonas celebrated anniversary with Priyanka Gandhi after this,” one person quipped.

A former beauty pageant queen, Chopra starred in several movie hits in India and moved to Hollywood, where she appeared in Baywatch and the TV series Quantico.

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