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WATCH: Dresden jewelry thieves USE AX to smash into Green Vault gem display

WATCH: Dresden jewelry thieves USE AX to smash into Green Vault gem display
Security cameras inside the ‘Green Vault’ museum in Dresden captured two thieves smashing their way into protective cabinets in the early hours of Monday to grab a huge cache of jewelry, before making a hasty escape.

The pair bore torches and apparently made their way through the darkened room towards a particular part of the exhibition.

One thief in particular can be clearly seen on-screen using an ax to bash the display cabinets and wrench the protective glass screen right off the wall. The burglars then swiftly pocketed at least three sets of historical jewelry from the 18th century treasure trove, including diamonds and rubies, before making a quick getaway.

The time stamp on the CCTV footage shows it was captured at 4.57am local time. Police said Monday that the alarm was raised at 4.59am and that officers were on the scene in five minutes. However, the thieving duo had already fled the Green Vault, and were on the run. 

Museum officials said that security personnel were on-site at the time of the burglary and raised the alarm. They told reporters on Tuesday that they sincerely hope the thieves do not try to break up the priceless pieces for easier dispatch, given their enormous cultural significance.

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