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22 Nov, 2019 10:54

WATCH: Brave Indian villager stands her ground and wins showdown with EXCAVATOR

The local village elder in Jalore, Rajasthan is clearly a leader who believes that actions speak louder than words, so much so that she faced off against a mechanical excavator that had come to demolish local settlements.

Village elder Rekha Devi faced off against the 7,000kg JCB excavator on Thursday during an anti-encroachment drive to remove illegal settlements and buildings from the area. 

The brave woman can be seen berating the driver as she stands her ground before the machine's arm extends towards her, at which point she grabs on to the machine’s scooping bucket.

The machine then lifts her several feet off the ground as her legs flail and the gathered crowd shout for an end the escalating incident. The JCB then reverses while the woman is still clinging to the scoop, not giving an inch. 

She then walks the mechanical beast back alongside several onlookers as it reverses even further. The fiery elder then admonishes the excavator driver with a well-pointed finger, as both he and another driver make good their escape. 

Some observers online called her “wonder woman” and praised her efforts, while others called her “so dumb” and said she should be in jail.

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Anti-encroachment drives have been taking place across India in recent months, as local governments seek to dismantle illegal settlements and structures. Their operations often turn violent as irate residents fight to defend their homes; a 25-year-old excavator operator was attacked and killed by locals in Nagaur on Sunday while carrying out a demolition operation.

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