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10 Nov, 2019 18:07

Over 80 gravestones VANDALIZED at Jewish cemetery in Denmark ahead of Kristallnacht anniversary (VIDEO)

Over 80 gravestones VANDALIZED at Jewish cemetery in Denmark ahead of Kristallnacht anniversary (VIDEO)

A Jewish cemetery in Denmark was targeted by vandals who spray painted and destroyed over 80 headstones. The incident may have been an anti-Semitic attack, as it occured before the anniversary of the infamous Kristallnacht pogrom.

The ancient Jewish cemetery dates back to the early 19th century and is located in the central Danish city of Randers, which is home to a large Jewish community.

“More than 80 gravestones were daubed with green graffiti and some were overturned,” local police said in a statement.

Footage from the scene shows the headstones smeared with green paint, while some of them are overturned. It was not immediately clear whether all of the damage was done by the vandals or if some of the graves had crumbled due to old age.

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The police don’t know exactly when the attack occurred, but it was reported on Saturday – on the Kristallnacht pogrom anniversary. Kristallnacht took place on 9–10 November, 1938. The major Germany-wide coordinated attack by Nazi paramilitaries on the Jewish population resulted in over 100 deaths and numerous properties destroyed.

Such a coincidence suggests the attack may have been a deliberate anti-Semitic action, yet the vandals did not leave any explicit anti-Jewish messages or symbols at the scene.

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