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Nude photos & videos remain on internet as Modi-hating Pakistani pop star struggles to have them taken down

Nude photos & videos remain on internet as Modi-hating Pakistani pop star struggles to have them taken down
A Pakistani pop star is battling to have explicit imagery of herself scrubbed from the internet, after videos and photos were leaked to the public. She reportedly forwarded her request for removal to the wrong government agency.

Rabi Pirzada, who made headlines with several provocative social media posts attacking Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, recently became the victim of an embarrassing privacy breach. The incident prompted her to quit the entertainment industry and file a petition with Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to have the X-rated photographs and videos removed from the internet. The hashtag #RabiPirzada became a top trend in Pakistan last week as the explicit materials spread across the country.

However, according to media reports, the agency said pulling the materials fell outside its remit, and that the petition could only be fulfilled by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). As a result, her request is said to have been forwarded to the PTA.

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It’s still unclear how the images made it onto the internet. One theory is that the ‘revenge porn’ was leaked by an angry ex-boyfriend. Others have speculated that Pirzada was targeted for her controversial political statements. She reportedly handed her phone over to authorities, suggesting that the leak may have been the result of a hack.

Pirzada caused mass uproar on social media after posting several unorthodox attacks aimed at India’s prime minister.Last month, she shared a photograph of herself wearing a suicide vest, along with the hashtag “#ModiHitler.” Before that, Pirzada posted a video of herself posing with large snakes and a crocodile, promising that the reptiles would “feast” on Modi.

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