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Fortnite is streaming a 'black hole' for 'The End' event, and it's driving people nuts

Fortnite is streaming a 'black hole' for 'The End' event, and it's driving people nuts
Fortnite, the online video game, has been streaming a black screen with a black dot on its social media channels ahead of its long-anticipated 'The End' event. Millions have been staring at the black screen, mesmerized for hours.

First there was a map, then a meteor, before a bunch of rockets nuked it and all that was left was a 'black hole.' Shockwaves were sent through the Fortnite community.

The End?

Well, millions tuning in to watch the new season of the Fortnite Epic Games program don't think it's the end, and have continued to stare into the darkness.

And they are sharing their frustration on social media.

Epic Games, launched in 2017, usually allows up to 100 players to fight until the last one is standing on a virtual battlefield. 

But on Sunday evening there were no clashes, and some numbers occasionally appeared on the screen as people tried to figure out what they meant.

Fortnite gamers claim large cash prizes in some tournaments, so star players were obviously getting frustrated.

Theories about what happened to the game ranged from hacking to blaming Elon Musk, with the latter tweeting 'Haha.'

Fortnite added to the confusion by deleting all tweets from their official account except for the one showing the black hole. There is also a mundane theory of what happened: Fortnite was rumored to be considering changes to the map, so why not do it with a big bang? 

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