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12 Oct, 2019 11:33

Russia already HAS weapons that can penetrate ANY missile defense, but their development won’t stop there – Putin

Russia already HAS weapons that can penetrate ANY missile defense, but their development won’t stop there – Putin

Russian engineers have developed brand-new countermeasures to any foreign missile shield, Vladimir Putin has told reporters, adding that its existing weapons have also been upgraded to meet the requirements of modern warfare.

"We will develop offensive weapons that will defeat any [anti-ballistic missile] system," the Russian President told an RT Arabic correspondent on Friday, adding, "and we have developed them, and everyone knows it by now."

Offering a sort of basic technology lesson, he explained that other countries' existing anti- missile systems are designed to shoot down enemy projectiles that “follow a ballistic trajectory”. But Russia has done its utmost to be one step ahead of its near-peer rivals, Putin assured his interviewer.

What we did was enhance and improve [Russian] ballistic missiles significantly, and developed a new weapon that has no rivals in the world.

Putin has already unveiled an array of futuristic weapons systems last year. Among the novelties were two hypersonic projectiles that caught the global audience’s eyes. One was the Avangard (Vanguard), a highly-maneuverable glider fitted to a silo-launched ballistic missile.

Another enigmatic weapon was the Burevestnik (Thunderbird), which, according to Putin, has “unlimited range and unlimited ability to maneuver.” It is currently undergoing additional ground tests and is expected to then begin flight tests.

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