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3 Oct, 2019 09:52

Viral video of cosplayer trying to plug exploding Coca-Cola bottle spawns meme & draws comparison to Brexit

Viral video of cosplayer trying to plug exploding Coca-Cola bottle spawns meme & draws comparison to Brexit

A video of a popular cosplayer desperately trying to stop a jet of soda with his mouth has gone viral, creating a new meme which perfectly encapsulates a poorly thought-out idea that goes horribly awry.

Japanese cosplayer (someone who engages in “costume play”) Ramramramp gave the internet something truly special when he filmed himself tossing a Mentos candy into a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Apparently caught off guard by his good aim (or possibly just pretending to be), the internet personality rushes to stop the resulting carbonated geyser that spews out of the bottle using the only plug he has… his mouth.

The cosplayer’s apparent surprise at landing the shot, combined with his frantic and harebrained attempt to stop what he had set in motion, made the six-second clip an instant viral sensation.In less than a week, the original video racked up more than 18.5 million views.

The stunt immediately caught the attention of internet meme-smiths, who retooled the video to illustrate lackadaisical behavior that ends in disaster.

One of the more popular – and controversial – adaptations said the video represented Brexiteers “accidentally winning the referendum” to leave the European Union.

The video also inspired a range of fan art, recreating the moment that Ramramramp realized he had made a terrible mistake.

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