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27 Sep, 2019 20:50

Western dominance is on the wane, ‘we’re liberals so everything’s allowed’ just isn’t working anymore – Lavrov at UNGA

Western dominance is on the wane, ‘we’re liberals so everything’s allowed’ just isn’t working anymore – Lavrov at UNGA

The West ignores reality by trying to prevent the formation of a multi-polar world by imposing its narrow “liberal” rules on others, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has told the UN General Assembly.

Lavrov’s speech on Friday at the UN headquarters in New York focused on global challenges but, unlike some of the speakers, he didn’t mince words, proceeding into a full-on rebuke of the Western ideal of world order.

It’s hard for the West to accept that its centuries-long domination is diminishing.

New centers of economic growth and political influence are emerging internationally, he said, but the US and its allies are trying to impede the rise of the multi-polar world.


In order to achieve this, they “impose the standards of conduct based on narrow Western interpretation of liberalism on others. In short, ‘We’re liberals hence anything is permitted to us’” was how he characterized this attitude.

The West has been increasingly forgetting about international law and more often dwell on rules-based order.

As opposed to this counterproductive approach, lasting solutions to global challenges should be founded “on the basis of the UN Charter, through the balance of interests of all states,” the Russian FM recommended.

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The top Russian diplomat also expressed hope that Moscow and Washington would agree on an extension of the New Strategic Arms Treaty (New START), which is set to expire in February 2021. All the suggestions that Russia has made to establish additional communication channels to work on the issue are still “on the table,” Lavrov said, as is Moscow’s most recent proposal for NATO to impose a mutual moratorium on the deployment of short- and mid-range missiles in Europe.

The moratorium proposal is aimed at maintaining the status quo after the US’ August withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), considered a key pillar of European security architecture.

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