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12 Sep, 2019 23:02

Trump doesn’t believe Israel spied on him but adds ‘anything’s possible’

Trump doesn’t believe Israel spied on him but adds ‘anything’s possible’

US President Donald Trump said he finds it hard to believe Israel may have spied on the White House using cell-phone eavesdropping devices, after everything he’s done for them – but left open the possibility the charges are true.

“I don’t think the Israelis are spying on us. I really would find that hard to believe,” Trump told reporters outside the White House on Thursday, adding, “My relationship with Israel has been great.” 

As an illustration, the US president brought up his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, as well as the claim to the Golan Heights (taken from Syria in 1967), and exiting the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, so opposed by PM Benjamin Netanyahu. 

“Anything is possible, but I don’t believe it,” Trump said.

Also on rt.com ‘Complete fabrication!’ Has Israel been caught spying on the White House AGAIN?

Speculations that Israel might be snooping on high-ranking officials in the White House have been rekindled by a recent Politico report, which claimed that Israeli spies might have rigged “sensitive locations” around Washington, DC with devices known as ‘StingRays.’ The devices can not only track cell phone signals, but also eavesdrop on the content of conversations.

Politico alleged that US officials first discovered the devices in 2018, but chose to keep the find under wraps. Tel Aviv is believed to have a long history of spying on the US government, including listening in on sensitive diplomatic talks. Israel has vehemently denied all the allegations, however.

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