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11 Sep, 2019 10:20

Musk breathes fresh life into Area 51 assault with cringeworthy math meme

Musk breathes fresh life into Area 51 assault with cringeworthy math meme

Tesla CEO and self-professed memelord Elon Musk has revived the online hysteria and hijinks over potentially millions of people storming Area 51 with… a cringey math teacher joke.

Not all math puns are terrible, just sum, and Musk fired off a meme about the only subject that counts using the only subject that counts in the early hours of Wednesday, sparking yet more hype and hilarity in the comments section.

Cue a slew of swashbuckling and stupefying Area 51 memes.

The eccentric entrepreneur captioned the Area 51 tweet with “DMT FTW” or “N,N-Dimethyltryptamine for the win,” in reference to the psychedelic drug often mentioned by Musk’s friend, UFC commentator, stand-up comedian and popular podcast host Joe Rogan. 

Musk famously pissed off the SEC as well as the board of Tesla by smoking a joint while making an appearance on Rogan’s podcast, becoming a meme in the process.

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The mercurial megamemer has repeatedly stoked the fires of fascination and conspiracy theory surrounding Area 51 with off-the-cuff remarks and memes online, especially after the Storm Area 51 event went viral in summer 2019.

The US Air Force has warned the millions of people who claim to be interested in the event not to even try. Meanwhile, the Alienstock concert due to be held to capitalize on the comical chaos has been canceled.

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