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3 Sep, 2019 13:15

Everything’s at steak: Vegan takes neighbors to court over BBQ smell

Everything’s at steak: Vegan takes neighbors to court over BBQ smell

Aussie vegan Cilla Carden is considering further legal action after the Supreme Court of Western Australia rejected her complaints against her neighbors’ barbecues in a truly barmy case of nimbyism.

Carden claims she couldn’t enjoy a quiet suburban life in the comfort of her own back garden without being assaulted by the fumes from nearby carnivores cooking their nightly feasts. 

The backyard back-and-forth battle with her neighbor Toan Vu, his wife and their children has reportedly been raging since August 2017. 

Carden’s case seemingly went up in smoke earlier this year after her claims were rejected by a tribunal based on a lack of evidence. The Supreme Court of Western Australia subsequently turned her down in July. 

“Ms Carden was given a fair opportunity to present her case, and the learned tribunal member conducted the proceedings fairly and appropriately,” Supreme Court Chief Justice Peter Quinlan wrote in the judgment.

Despite the ruling, Carden has vowed to continue her fight. “It’s been devastating, it’s been turmoil, it’s been unrest, I haven’t been able to sleep,” Carden said, claiming that the smell of cooking meat, poultry and fish in addition to cigarette smoke and the noise of bouncing basketballs have all destroyed her quality of life. 

For his part, Vu claims that, in order to “keep the peace,” he removed the barbecue and forbade his kids from playing basketball in the yard. 

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The news sparked little sympathy for Carden online. “A neighbor nightmare. Why can’t people just leave people to live in peace. She should respect the people around her and their choices,” said one social media user. 

“If you want that much freedom move to where there are no other people,” suggested another commenter. 

In keeping with tradition, some jokers have set up the ‘Community BBQ for Cilla Carden’ event on Facebook, calling on the community to help her get some pork on her fork. The event will apparently be operating a strict ‘no vegans’ policy.

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