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Oops! Turboprop plane hits 4 Hornet jets amid bumpy landing on USS Abraham Lincoln (VIDEO)

Oops! Turboprop plane hits 4 Hornet jets amid bumpy landing on USS Abraham Lincoln (VIDEO)
A botched landing saw an early warning aircraft ram into two F/A-18 Hornet jets on an aircraft carrier deck and take out two other planes by sending debris into them, the US Navy has said.

An E-2D Hawkeye was landing when it “impacted two other aircraft and caused debris impact damage to two additional aircraft” of the USS Abraham Lincoln’s flight deck, Naval Safety Center told Military.com media outlet.

The accident occurred on August 9 when the carrier was sailing through the Arabian Sea, it emerged.The US Navy described the incident as a bolter, which means that the E-2D failed to hook the arresting cable which reduces the aircraft’s speed after touching down.

The Hawkeye, a twin-engine, five-crew, tactical airborne early warning (AEW) aircraft, was able to arrive at the “divert location” and safely land there. While there were no casualties, the botched landing was classified as a Class A mishap which normally involves fatalities, severe damage costing $2 million or more, or a complete loss of the aircraft.


The E-2 uses its radar – installed at the top of the fuselage – for early warning of enemy aircraft attacks and anti-ship missile attacks. It can also scan the surrounding sea for enemy warships and guided-missile launchers.

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The August incident is not the first one involving the Hawkeyes. Back in 2016, an E-2C almost plunged into the sea after an arresting cable snapped and was unable to slow the plane down on the USS Dwight Eisenhower’s deck.

Eight sailors were injured and airlifted for trauma care from the carrier. A subsequent Navy investigation found that flaws in maintenance procedures contributed to the mishap.

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