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'Africa will be major battlefield for Cold War between the US & China'

'Africa will be major battlefield for Cold War between the US & China'
Washington is devoting more military resources to Africa citing raised terrorism threats. But this move has more to do with Beijing’s growing influence on the continent and the US’ failure to compete, says a regional historian.

The US is seeking international help to fight groups affiliated with Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in Africa, according to last week’s announcement. Gerald Horne, a professor at the University of Houston and the author of several books on the history of US relations with African nations, believes this move is not only about the increased terrorism threat, but more about the desire to counter China.

“The overriding issue … is that a new Cold War is erupting with China and Africa … will be a major battlefield” as it was during the first Cold War, he told RT. Horne explained that, until recently, the US was “the main trading partner of the African continent” but has been gradually replaced by China, which has played an increasingly significant role in infrastructure development in countries such as Kenya or Ethiopia. He also argued that unlike the US, China is not associated with slavery for Africans.

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While China continues to invest in Africa the US still “has more will than wallet” when it comes to any similar projects, the professor explained.  That is why the US apparently decided to move the competition to virtually the only field where it can beat China – the military one. Yet, such an approach spells nothing but trouble for Africa itself, Horne warned.

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