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23 Jul, 2019 17:03

UFO panic Down Under as Australians mistake India’s Moon mission for alien invasion

UFO panic Down Under as Australians mistake India’s Moon mission for alien invasion

Hundreds of Australians wondered if they were witnessing the arrival of alien invaders, after mysterious lights were spotted in the sky over Queensland and the Northern Territories on Monday.

Shauna Royes spotted a ‘strange light’ over the Julia Creek caravan park in north-west Queensland when she was at a dinner with about 160 other people. 

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“It was quite a bright, unusual light with a tail on it. It was travelling north-east and we watched it for probably two or three minutes before it faded out,” she told local news outlet ABC North West. “We had no idea what it was. It was really unusual.” 

ABC shared a photograph taken by Royes on its Facebook page, asking its followers if they had spotted any peculiar lights in the skies. This prompted dozens more Australians to respond with their own potential UFO sightings from that night.

The outlet later published an update from Professor Jonti Horner who determined that the light looked like “what you get when a spacecraft above the atmosphere engages its rockets and does a burn.” He concluded that “the consensus seems to be it’s the Indian mission to the moon." 

The timeframe certainly makes sense as India’s Chandrayaan-2 successfully launched on Monday at about 7:30 pm Australian time.

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