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15 Jun, 2019 17:17

Turkmenistan’s president practices drive-by shooting tactics on his bike, because.. why not? (VIDEO)

Turkmenistan’s president practices drive-by shooting tactics on his bike, because.. why not? (VIDEO)

A dramatic video of the president of Turkmenistan riding his bicycle while shooting targets at close range with a pistol has surely struck fear into the hearts of those who would seek to do the Central Asian nation harm.

The clip shows Gurbanguly Berdimukhamedov riding a bike as he blasts away at targets with a handgun. The impressive display of marksmanship was part of a snap inspection of military and law enforcement units, a subject of a 30-minute state TV report.

Clad in camouflage, the Turkmen leader skilfully pedals past three of the human silhouette-shaped targets, landing direct shots from several meters away to a standing ovation from the military commanders.

It wasn’t Berdimukhamedov’s only stunt during the surprise check, to which he arrived in a low-key golden Mercedes truck, equipped with automatic extendable stairs, usually seen on spaceships in movies.


The president fired a sniper rifle from the driver’s seat of a stationary quad-runner and, judging by the footage, hit the bull’s eye with every shot.

The Turkmen leader also revealed himself as an ace pilot, jumping in the cabin of an attack helicopter, all while sporting branded aviator sunglasses. Right after that, the chopper was shown going into an almost vertical position and flying at high speed, just meters from the ground, in a breathtaking aerobatic maneuver.


Berdimukhamedov, who has ruled Turkmenistan since 2007, is known for videotaping his other amazing skills, such as race car driving and parachuting, not to mention his horse-riding and rapping.

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