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2 Jun, 2019 21:14

1 killed in ‘Israeli missile strike’ on Syrian airbase in Homs, day after IDF raids (VIDEOS)

Several missiles have been fired at the Syrian Arab Air Force Tiyas Airbase, located in the Homs Governorate, killing at least one soldier, just a day after Israel conducted raids against multiple Syrian military targets.

Two projectiles were intercepted by the air defense systems, activated to address the threat. However, at least one person was killed and two others injured, Sana reports. Infrastructure and equipment at the facility, also known as the T-4 Airbase, suffered damage in what appears to be an Israeli attack, military sources said.

The strikes came less than 24 hours after Israel confirmed unleashing ‘retaliatory’ strikes against Syrian army artillery batteries, observation posts, and air defense units, using warplanes and combat helicopters. Those strikes came in response to two rockets allegedly fired from Syrian territory towards the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights on Saturday night.

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Syrian air defense forces have engaged IAF warplanes on numerous occasions throughout the course of the years-long conflict, as Israel continues to justify its raids as a necessary measure to contain Iran’s proxy presence inside Syria. Previous strikes on late Saturday evening were ordered by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who stressed that Israel will “react with great force against all aggression against us.”

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Damascus views regular Israeli cross border intrusions as direct violations of its sovereignty and has repeatedly asked the UN to step in and intervene to stop the attacks.

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