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Integration call or stigmatization? Austria's ‘10 commandments of immigration’ prompts DEBATE

Integration call or stigmatization? Austria's ‘10 commandments of immigration’ prompts DEBATE
The so-called ‘10 commandments of immigration,’ a set of vague rules for migrants tabled by an anti-immigration politician in Lower Austria, has provoked heated debate. RT has heard from both sides.

The 10 rules for immigrants, unveiled by Austrian FPO politician Gottfried Waldhaeusl this week, are ranging from “learning German” to the vague “show gratitude to Austria.” They will be distributed to all the newcomers, as well as the migrants already living in Lower Austria.

There are no sanctions for not abiding by them, according to Waldhaeusl, as they are general instructions on what one should and should not do. The rules have already got the pretentious nickname of ‘the 10 commandments.’

“This is not prejudice but a reaction to many problems which we are facing since this mass migration, and therefore they [commandments] are well chosen, they are right and they are something positive showing these people that they should live according to our rules from the very first day,” Waldhaeusl told Ruptly.

The initiative proved to be quite controversial, since some experts believe it might actually alienate the migrants instead of integrating them, while the clear Christianity connotation might be actually a covert attack on Islam.

“There's a great sense of stigmatization and criminalization of Islam altogether in Austria. I'm not sure that those 10 commencements would address anything other than further alienating the community that is actually trying to integrate the best it can,” Catherine Shakdam, a senior analyst for Al Bayan Centre for Planning and Studies, said while debating the issue on RT.

Others, however, believe that's not the case and the set of rules is actually designed to call for integration and remind the migrants to be grateful for the welcome they've received in the country.

“There's no ‘criminalization’ about these 10 commandments, they simply want the people to realize that they are welcome in the country that would put their social welfare to the disposal of these migrants,” independent journalist Luc Rivet stated. “So they should show gratitude, it should be ingrained in them.”

Watch the debate here:

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